5 Great Tips on Window Maintenance to Improve their Longevity
5 Great Tips on Window Maintenance to Improve their Longevity

5 Great Tips on Window Maintenance to Improve their Longevity

08 Feb 2022

Do you know windows make your house beautiful and efficient? Well, it is important to maintain them well though certain problems can be obvious like warped frames or broken glass. Other problems such as – moisture or air leakages are less visible. Though they might not look serious initially, there are some issues which may impact the lifespan of windows when you ignore them. This blogpost discusses about 5 great tips to ensure the windows get proper deserve they deserve and last for a long time.

Proper inspection

With thorough maintenance, you get suitable chance to assess the condition of window periodically. You may check through glass panes, window frames and any caulk to know they are in proper shape. Also, you can check for signs of water damage or rotting and any kind of penetration marks leading to defective seal. By conducting proper examination, you can detect small problems before they turn into major issues.

Testing functionality

Another thing to do for regular maintenance is to test overall functionality of all the windows. You may open, latch and close the windows to ensure they work in a smooth way and the seals shut well, If you need to keep the windows open or prop up, then they may bring an end to their lifespan. Try out some repairs and maintenance work and ensure if you can solve the issue. You might even think of emergency window replacement for the existing windows.

Eliminate all the dirt

Cleaning the windows properly is a great way to improve overall view and make the house look clean. It is an essential part for the maintenance of windows. The dirt and debris may scratch the coats on the window frame or the windows. So, routine cleaning is a vital step for ensuring longevity of the windows.

Lubricate the moving parts

Friction is another factor for the longevity of windows. If you want the windows to open and close properly, then you should lubricate any hinges or tacks that the window uses to move. Mostly, a silicon spray can keep all the parts in working condition. This can help in extending the life of windows.

Select the right products

When it is about cleaning windows, you should try to prevent using abrasives and strong detergents. You can take mild detergent with a soft cloth and water for cleaning window frames. Use a soft bristled brush and strong soap for removing stubborn dirt. Make sure you clean both the sides of windows according to the style which requires a few minutes only. Use a vacuum for getting rid of all the debris from the track and lubricate with silicone spray. Try to clean window glass by using a cleaner and newspaper.

Thus, these are a few things which can help to increase the lifespan of windows. You may talk to a 24 hour glazier who will give an assessment of the existing windows and quotes for replacing or repairing windows, when necessary.