Different Ways to Board up a Broken Window
Different Ways to Board up a Broken Window

Different Ways to Board up a Broken Window

17 Jan 2022

Are you experiencing a broken window on your house? If yes, then this is indeed a stressful experience. There are effective measures you may take immediately to ensure your property is safe and secure before the arrival of boarding up services. Whether it is a door panel or large front room, a broken window may occur at any time and lead to break- in your property. It is important to secure your property so that you can prevent unnecessary problems in future. Go through this blogpost to know what you can do during a break-in.

Bin and tape bags

This is quite common with car windows while driving home. This is temporary and quick measure for securing the windows from further damage. You can protect the inside part from bad weather with strong tape and black pin liner page. Try to cover broken area with different black bin bags layer and tap bags in proper place. This can prevent the passers by to view inside your property.

Tape and cardboard

A great option for black bin liners is cardboard from a cereal box or storage box. Different layers may help to secure your property but even with several layers, it can damage easily by water. There will be less chances of holes through cardboard.

Nails and wood

This is an extreme measure but if there are utilities while going to vacate the property for a long time, then no one will assess the safety. If you have thin wood, then it would act well for boarding up the windows with it. This can be for initial measure till boarding up services attend your property. Take nails or staple gun to secure wood with the window’s frame but make sure they can be removed when you need them with ease.

Speak with an expert

The above listed are just temporary and quick measures during the coming hours. If you want to keep your property safe and secure after a broken window, then you need to get in touch with window boarding experts. This way, you will know about all necessary measures to take for avoiding further damage. At the same time, it is necessary to board up the windows securely till you can replace them from a specialist.

Expert Consulting

Thus, you will have to get in touch with glaziers expert in London who provide efficient and secure boarding up services. He will ensure your property is safe till it is possible to implement permanent fixes. This consists of boarding up of access point and securing your property. Feel free to talk to experienced glaziers and get more information about boarding up a broken window.